Medical programme of total knee endoprosthesis implant

Our hospital implants knee endoprosthesis by means of computer navigation. Infrared camera registers points on the knee, and then the computer creates a virtual model of the knee. We determine the necessary resection of the joint surfaces on the computer. By means of the computer, dynamically in real time, we prepare the upper and lower leg bone for endoprosthesis implant. With this technique, the deviations are usually within 1mm, and 1 degree from the desired axle. This facilitates a more precise endoprosthesis implant, which should improve the function and duration of the endoprosthesis.

We have implanted more than 500 knee endoprostheses with this technique so far.

Days for performing the medical service

  • The patient comes to hospital a day before the operation and stays for four days after the operation.
  • After discharge from our institution, the patient is recommended to continue with the stationary physical therapy in one of the rehabilitation institutions for the next three weeks.


The price of the operative procedure is 43,500.00. Payment may be done by means of all credit cards except Diners; it is also payable by American Express card in 6 instalments, or PBZ cards in 12 instalments without interest or charges. If the payment is settled in cash in kunas, a 10% discount is granted to the above-mentioned price.  

Preparation for the procedure

On arrival to the hospital, the patient should bring all original reports of the required laboratory and other tests (not more than 15 days old): leucocytes, erythrocytes, thrombocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, glucose, natrium, potassium, CRP, PV, APVT, fibrinogen, BLOOD TYPE AND Rh, irregular antibodies, urine (complete) 2. ECG.

Service provider

Special Hospital “Dr. Nemec”

Contact person

Mira, Diana and Željka – hospital administrators

Phone: 00385-51-277-350 and 00385-51-277-406



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