Medical programme of post-surgery rehabilitation and physical therapy

According to the protocols by Vlaste Brozičević, MD

Postoperative rehabilitation in Terme Selce is performed after the conditions:

  • Arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, hand and other joints;  
  • Reconstruction procedures on one or more ligaments and tendons (LCA,PC, LCL, MPFT and rotator shoulder cuff, Achilles and other);
  • Operative treatment of cartilage in the sense of cartilage lavage, microfractures, transplant procedures on the joint cartilage;
  • After reparation or transplant of knee meniscus;
  • After implanting a partial or total endoprosthesis of the joints (knee, hip, shoulders, ankle, elbow)
  • Corrective and osteosynthetic procedures on the bones of extremities and the spine;
  • Condition after stabilizing the joints after joint luxation;
  • Condition after polytrauma (damage of more organic systems);
  • Condition after re-implant of extremities;
  • Condition after extremities amputation;
  • Condition after operative spine procedures (discus hernia, artificial discus, spinal canal stenosis, spine fractures, tumour...);
  • Condition after nerve injuries and neurosurgical procedures;
  • Treating the conditions of contractures after burns;
  • Conditions after tumour operation on the bones, joints and tumour prosthesis implant;
  • Condition after aneurism operation, embolectomy and blood vessels bypass;
  • Condition after reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

Postoperative rehabilitation programme is individual, personalized and multidisciplinary for the purpose of faster and safer recovery.

The protocol is determined in cooperation with the operative doctor.

The team includes specialist physiatrists, an internist, physical therapist, kinesiologists, masseuses, medical nurses, coaches, nutritionists and a psychologist.

The programme is carried out twice a day and lasts 5 to 6 hours.  

Procedures in rehabilitation: we apply a wide range of the most advanced, the most innovative and classical physical, rehabilitation and diagnostic procedures.

Rehabilitation monitoring is carried out according to the protocol and our won know-how under daily medical surveillance.

Days for performing the medical service

Rehabilitation lasts from 12 to 18 days, depending on the type and complexity of operation, or according to the indication by the specialist doctor and arrangement with the patient.


The price of individual monitored rehabilitation is HRK 750.00 – 1,200.00 per day.

Preparation for the procedure

Before arriving to the rehabilitation, it is recommended to deliver medical documentation, which includes: discharge summary or report by the operating surgeon, MR, X-ray, EMNG and other reports.

Otherwise: diagnostic treatment can be done on arrival.

Service provider

Polyclinic Terme Selce

Contact person

  • Iva Brozičević-Dragičević, prof, MSc

        Phone: +385 98 329 299


  • Vlasta Brozičević, MD, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatologist and sports medicine physician

        Phone: +385 51 764 055


Additional information

The efficiency of our rehabilitation is confirmed by satisfied patients from 86 countries in the world and more than 30,000 satisfied patients in the last 25 years, as well as the cooperation with many clinics in Croatia and the world.

Terme Selce perform prevention, diagnostics and treatment of degenerative and inflammatory illnesses of joints and spine, muscle, tendon, ligaments, bones and joints injuries, as well as rehabilitation of neurological diseases by the most modern approach with high technological standards with the highest quality of service. We take care of the entire medical condition of the patient, through a holistic multidisciplinary approach with the goal of monitoring the complete state, as well as individual organic systems: muscle and bone, neurological, cardiovascular and psychological condition.


  • painful conditions of the joints and spine
  • sports injuries
  • postoperative rehabilitation
  • arthritis programme
  • rheumatic disease rehabilitation
  • neurorehabilitation
  • bone recovery and osteoporosis programme
  • corrective gymnastics programme


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