Medical programme of anterior cruciate ligament reconstructive surgery

The first step in reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament is the preparation of autographt obtained from the internal side of the same knee. Autographt requires semitendonosus and gracilis muscles tendons, used to reconstruct the ligament. After preparing the grapht (transplant), the orthopaedist performs a knee arthroscopy with two or three small incisions. A small camera is introduced through one portal and the instrument through another. The orthopaedist will perform an evaluation of the knee and other possible injuries, including meniscus, ligaments, cartilage and other soft tissue surfaces. If it is necessary, the required operations on damaged structured (microfractures, meniscus stitching…) will be done immediately.

By using a special guide, the orthopaedist makes two tunnels, one in the femur and another in the tibia. The tunnels are situated in the anatomic direction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The prepared grapht is pulled through the tunnels into the position of the former cruciate ligament. Then the grapht is fastened at the femur, and on the tibia with a bioresorptional screw and an additional titanium screw. After fastening the grapht, the flexibility of the knee, the grapht tightness, grapht position and stability of the knee must be checked. After checking, the instruments are removed from the knee and the surgery ends.

Days for performing the medical service

  • The patient comes to hospital on the day of the surgery and stays in hospital for one night.  
  • The stationary physical therapy is necessary, lasting for three weeks. 


The price of the surgery is HRK 19,700.00. Payment may be done by means of all cards except Diners, it is also possible to pay with American Express card in 6 instalments, and PBZ cards in 12 instalments, without interest or charges. If the payment is in cash in kunas, a 10% discount is granted to the above-mentioned price.  

Preparation for the procedure

On arrival to the hospital, the patient needs to bring his original reports of the requested laboratory or other examinations (not older than 15 days: leucocytes, erythrocytes, thrombocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, glucose, natrium, potassium, CRP, PV, APTV, fibrinogen and ECG).

Service provider

Special Hospital “Dr. Nemec“

Contact person

Mira, Diana and Željka – hospital administrators

Phone: 00385-51-277-350 and 00385-51-277-406



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