Dental programme "Better Smile" – implant therapy

The patient will make a diagnostic CT scan of both jaws in order to suggest a customized implant-prosthetic therapy.

The CT scan will be analysed by a prosthetist and oral surgeon, who will evaluate the optimal type of therapy for the patient.

If the patient decides to start with the suggested therapy encompassing the entire therapy, he/she will be granted a 10% discount anticipated in the package.

Days for performing the medical service

  • 15 minutes is enough to make a CT scan, also the analysis of the scan takes about 15 minutes. Therefore, in one day the patient gets the kinds of therapy he needs, its duration and price.
  • If the patient decides to start with the implant-prosthetic treatment, the duration of the treatment will depend on his diagnosis and consequently on the kind of prosthetic solution.


HRK 540.00, i.e. € 72.00 + 10% discount to the entire implant-prosthetic therapy

Preparation for the procedure

  • In its first stage, the implant-prosthetic therapy includes possible tooth extractions, preparation of the temporary prosthetic substitute, and depending on the situation, putting the implant after three or four months,
  • During the first examination, the selected dental medicine doctor and the prosthetist will discuss with the patient about his case history and advise him about possible steps he should take before submitting to above-mentioned procedures.

Service provider

Polyclinic Rident

Contact person

Livia Androić

Phone: 091 2648 914



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