Advanced sports programme with psychological counselling

According to the protocol by Vlasta Brozičević, MD

ADVANCED SPORTS PROGRAMME intended for individuals and groups of professional sportsmen, as well as recreational sportsmen of all ages, who want to increase their sport efficiency and cure or prevent new injuries.

We deal with all kinds of sports injuries successfully, fast and safely, including injuries of the tendon, ligaments and muscles, cartilage, bone and nerves, joint dislocation, straining syndrome, stress fracture, condition after bone fracture, postoperative rehabilitation and solving painful vertebral syndromes.

Sports programme is individual and personalized, for the purpose of faster and safer recovery.

The protocol is determined in a multidisciplinary way.

The team includes specialist physiatrists, an internist, physical therapists, kinesiologists, masseuses, medical nurses, coaches, nutritionists, a psychologist and other specialists if necessary.

The programme is carried out twice a day and lasts 5 to 6 hours. The procedures in sports recovery: we apply a wide range of the most advanced, innovative and classic diagnostic physical and rehabilitation procedures in combination with kinesiological skills.

Rehabilitation monitoring is carried out according to the protocol and our own know-how under daily physician’s supervision.

Days for performing the medical service

Sports programme lasts 10 – 18 days, depending on the type and complexity of the injury and the goal, i.e. the indication by the specialist doctor.


The price of individual monitored therapy amounts to HRK 850 and more per day. 

Preparation for the procedure

Prior to arrival to therapy, the patient should deliver medical documentation which includes: discharge summary or the last report by a specialist doctor, MRI, X-ray, EMNG and other reports.

Otherwise: the diagnostic treatment may be done upon arrival.

Service provider

Polyclinic Terme Selce

Contact person

  • Iva Brozičević-Dragičević, MSc, prof.

        Phone: +385 98 329 299


  • Vlasta Brozičević, MD,specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatologist and sports medicine physician

        Phone: +385 51 764 055


Additional information

In the 25 years of experience and work with top athletes, we concluded that psychological counselling represents an unavoidable positive aspect of preparation and successful rehabilitation, for the purpose of motivation and visualisation of desired sports results.

The efficiency of our ADVANCED SPORTS PROGRAMME and sports rehabilitation is confirmed by 120 Olympic and world champions and the participation on numerous sport competitions of the highest rank, as well as the cooperation with many clinics in Croatia and the world.


  • Physical health general and locomotor examination of athletes
  • Prevention of sports injuries
  • Physical therapy of sports injuries and painful conditions
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Isokinetic and functional tests
  • Psychological individual preparation of athletes
  • Nutritionist support.

The continuous athlete support programme is based on high professionality and individual approach to each sportsman, and is conducted in a friendly, stimulative and warm family atmosphere.

The programme has been recognized through successes of numerous top athletes from almost all sports, skiing, football, handball, tennis, water polo, swimming, track-and-field sports, table tennis, volleyball, contact sports, motor racing, and many other sports.

The programme is created individually for the injured sportsman. It is carried out and monitored by Vlasta Brozičević, MD, in a multidisciplinary way, with her team and in arrangement with the operating physician.

The programme is made after a detailed clinical examination, after an insight into the diagnostic procedures, measurements, tests and other evaluation methods. The programme is monitored daily, weekly and at the end of the programme.


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