Culture is half of health

Cooperation agreement between Croatian National Theatre „Ivan pl. Zajc“ Rijeka and Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster has been signed on Friday, 21st of May, before the start of the opera "La Traviata", by the Theatre’s General manager and Artistic director, Marin Blažević, PhD, and Cluster’s president, assist.prof. Vladimir Mozetič, MD, PhD.

As Intendant Blažević emphasized in his introductory speech, this is a significant cooperation agreement that, unlike previous ones with cultural institutions, extends cooperation to the health and tourism sectors from which many Rijeka Theatre’s visitors already come.

This business cooperation aims to promote cultural and health development in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the wider region and, above all, to create a recognizable and competitive cultural and health product at the local and international level.

From several models of cooperation through the joint program "Culture is half of health", Intendant Marin Blažević pointed out the organization of group and individual arrivals of health tourists, who, in addition to health service, climate and gastronomy of our region, still lacked culture, that, in this part of Croatia, can offer Rijeka's "Zajc".

The Cluster's president, Dr. Vladimir Mozetič, singled out the combination of health, tourism, culture, and education through the cooperation of the Cluster, “Zajc”, University of Rijeka, and partners in research, development, and creation of a common brand "Art & Health" or the use of movement, voice, and music in therapeutic procedures.

The World Health Organization has also published data on the positive effects of art on individuals' physical and mental health with concrete effects on controlling and alleviating symptoms of a whole range of diseases. And the beneficial impact of art on mental health, especially in the circumstances of a pandemic, is also undeniable.

The signing ceremony was also attended by the President of the Assembly of the Cluster, Prof. Viktor Peršić, MD, PhD, President of the Management Board, Irena Peršić Živadinov. PhD, and the Cluster manager, Alfred Franković, and on the other hand, the business director of the Rijeka Theatre, Martin Radelj, artistic directors, Renata Carola Gatica and Maša Kolar, and the director Giulio Settimo.


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