Cluster held a press conference at the ITB fair in Berlin

Today was held a press conference at the ITB fair in Berlin where was presented the cooperation of Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council and German Medical Wellness Association, as well as the offer of the Kvarner Region as the destination of health tourism.

President of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster Assist.Prof. Vladimir Mozetič, MD,PhD, MHA, CEO of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council Sherene Azli and President of the German Medical Wellness Association Lutz Lungwitz mentioned that this is an ideal moment to develop a partnership in health tourism which will connect even more the German, Malaysian and Croatian markets.

Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster gathers 29 members from medical, tourism and university sector, as well as accompanying services with the goal of creating a recognizable and competitive health tourism product on the local and international level. Germans are already traditional guests in the Kvarner Region and mentioned cooperation with the German Medical Wellness Association will be a step forward to make Kvarner even more recognized as a destination that with excellent tourist offer can offer the same quality medical service. Experiences of Malaysia as the country with the most developed health tourism in the world will certainly help to raise the health tourism of the Kvarner Region to a higher level through the exchange of knowledge and good practices.

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Tanja Augustinović from the Kvarner Region Tourism Board presented the Kvarner Region, which has a long tradition in health tourism. Climate SPAs in Kvarner were built at the end of the 19. and early 20. centuries. In Kvarner you can find top medical services and various recreational programs. The medical institutions and wellness centers combine the best of professional medical services and beauty science so you can choose from many programs that are useful to your body and soul. Even by staying on the islands, the coast and the mountains, walking along the sea or forest, you do a lot for your health because the air is enriched with therapeutic salt particles and the climate is pleasant throughout the year.

In the first place, Kvarner is a destination for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from respiratory and heart disease, where Thalassotherapia Opatija – the Special Hospital for Image titleMedical Rehabilitation of Heart and Lung Diseases and Rheumatism should be emphasized. The region also offers specially designed comprehensive weight loss programs, medical, wellness and sports rehabilitation, and Polyclinic Terme Selce is specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, orthopedics, dermatology and venerology, in which the patients from 86 countries, 6 continents and around 120 world and Olympic winners have been treated so far.

Support for the development of health tourism in the Kvarner Region was given by the President of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County Zlatko Komadina and State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism Tonči Glavina.


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