Travelana tourist agency, Rijeka

Travelana tourist agency, Rijeka


Contact info

Andrije Medulića 8, Rijeka

Phone: +385 51 212 780

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Working hours

Monday - Friday 9:00-17:00

Saturday 9:00-14:00

Contact person

Milan Rukavina

Head of Sales

Phone: +385 98 203 894

E mail:

About us

Travelana d.o.o., a travel agency, was founded in 1994 in Rijeka. It operates as an incoming tour operator and is a member of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies. We organize travels successfully and we deal with selling and conducting tourist package arrangements. Our offer is based on long work experience with almost all European and world markets.

We offer a recognizable product, high quality of service, and we have the certificate for DMC specialized agency. Since 28 April 2014 we have been awarded with the ISO Standard 9001:2008, QUALITY CERTIFICATE, among other things for design, organization and tourist agency services: individual and group travel arrangements, especially related to the agricultural and horticultural tourism


The greatest part of our activities encompasses:

  • Organization of all kinds of group travel and packet arrangements, which include accommodation, transfer, guides and excursions
  • Offer of accommodation capacities along the entire Adriatic coast, and in almost all significant places in the Croatian hinterland in:
  1. hotels
  2. tourist complexes and apartment villages
  3. private accommodation
  4. camps
  5. boat rental
  6. new and unique product which we have named “an exclusive sailing”

Additional information

Travel agency TRAVELANA d.o.o. has operated as an incoming tour operator for 21 years. We have the ISO STANDARD 9001:2008 certificate of quality, and also the valuable DMC (Destination Management Company) certificate for almost all destinations in Croatia. In accordance with this certificate, we develop thematic and highly-specialized programmes (approved and partially subsidized by the Croatian Tourist Board), such as the Agricultural Tours, Cultural Tours and new thematic programmes, where we would like to include our future development within the medical cluster.


  • Ministry of health
  • Ministry of tourism
  • Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
  • Croatia - Full of Life
  • Primorje-Gorski kotar County
  • City of Rijeka
  • University of Rijeka
  • Temos international
  • Lublin