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University of Rijeka School of Medicine


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Ph.D. Zlatko Trobonjača

Department of physiology and immunology

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About us

The University of Rijeka School of Medicine was founded in 1955, and in the last six decades, it has developed into a higher education and scientific institution with an envious reputation, both in Croatia and abroad, extremely important for the region and the entire country.

The School of Medicine simultaneously performs and develops the educational, expert, scientific and research activities. We can proudly say that during their studies, our students gain integrated knowledge of the subject, skills and competencies for their future work activities, the capability of independent and critical evaluation of knowledge, solving specific issues, performing development and scientific work, respecting the highest ethical standards. Besides the quality of educational process and the comfortable learning environment, studying in Rijeka is a pleasure owing to many sport and social activities by the student organization, as well as to the pleasant Mediterranean and middle European surroundings offered by the city.

Therefore, we invite you to visit our School, get to know the possibilities we offer, and choose one of our study programmes. We also invite all those interested in establishing a cooperation on a scientific-research or technological project conducted in our School.


The School of Medicine in Rijeka has three university studies in its undergraduate programme. These are the study of medicine, the study of dental medicine and the study of sanitary engineering.

Besides the university studies, today the School participates in the most part in conducting the five professional undergraduate studies which are performed at the Faculty of Health Studies. These are the study of nursery, the study of physical therapy, the study of medical-laboratory diagnostics, the study of medical radiology and the study of midwifery.

Its scientific activities can be seen in a series of scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, as well as in international projects. Some of the projects are highly graded and have yielded significant results.

The international scientific cooperation, especially through projects, is very intense. Such projects ensure significant means for obtaining modern equipment, as well as for the education of scientists which is performed through two doctoral studies: post-graduate university study “Biomedicine” and the post-graduate university study “Health and Environmental Engineering”, which accept 30 candidates a year.

Besides that, the School organizes 15 postgraduate specialist studies, most of which are performed through clinical specializations in the obligatory part of the programme.

When it comes to professional work, the School provides diagnostic services in the area of pathological anatomy and pathohistology, i.e. services of determining structure and ultrastructure of various organs and tissues in the process of diagnostics of condition of illness. Besides that, it offers services of molecular diagnostics of disorders by histological, immunological, molecular biological and other techniques and methods of classical and molecular cytogenetics. The School’s activities include determining the content of bodily fluids in a laboratory, as well as determining the chemical and biological etiological factors in the development of a disease (toxicology, microbiology and parasitology).

 The School offers methods and techniques necessary for the modern performance of expert tasks within forensic sciences, as well as the possibility of court expert evaluation and expertize from scientific and expert area of biomedicine and health.

Additional information

Besides the classes in the main building, the classes are also held in teaching bases of the School of Medicine:

  • Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka
  • Teaching Institute of Public Health of Primorsko-Goranska County
  • Community Primary Health Centre of Primorsko-Goranska County
  • Orthopaedics Clinic Lovran
  • Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation of the Heart, Lungs and Rheumatism Illnesses "Thalassotherapia" in Opatija
  • Polyclinic Medico
  • Psychiatric Hospital Rab
  • Institute for Emergency Medicine of Primorsko-Goranska County


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