Polyclinic Terme Selce

Polyclinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, orthopaedics, dermatology and venerology.

Polyclinic Terme Selce



Contact info

Prvi prilaz Ive Lole Ribara 8, Selce

Phone: +385 51 764 076

E mail: info@terme-selce.hr

Slavka Krautzeka 66c, Rijeka

Tel: +385 51 400 420

E mail: info@terme-selce.hr

Working hours

Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00

Saturday 8:00-14:00

Contact person

Iva Brozičević Dragičević, prof

Polyclinic Deputy Head

Phone: +385 51 764 055 

E mail: iva@terme-selce.hr

About us

Polyclinic Terme Selce and Terme Selce d.o.o. have cherished the tradition of health tourism on Crikvenica Riviera for 25 years. Up till now we have treated patients from 86 countries, 6 continents and have taken care of 120 world and Olympic winners.

The Polyclinic Terme has developed four basic areas of activity: Diagnostics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Medical Wellness. The Polyclinic has worked according to ISO quality system since 2013.

Specialist examinations, consultations, diagnostics, therapy, education, workshops, lectures are held in modernly equipped rooms. The Polyclinic Terme owns the exclusive American licence BIODEX® Isokinetic Referential Centre of Croatia, where they conduct tests of locomotor system.

The Polyclinic Terme employs 35 employees. There are three specialists of physical medicine and rehabilitation, a rheumatologist, a specialist of internal medicine and cardiology, dermatologist, neurologist, orthopaedist, surgeon and radiologist, nurses, physical therapists, masseurs, a kinesiologist, a psychologist and other administrative staff. The doctors are members of the HOO, FIS, EOC and other international associations.

With constant improvement, we have developed our own “know-how” and protocols in the prevention and treatment of locomotor diseases and injuries and neurorehabilitation, so we have an extensive experience in treating all generations.

The protocols enable a fast, quality recovery and a successful return to full activity to persons of all age groups, managers and sportsmen.

We have won numerous awards for our long years of work in the health tourism.

Special offer:

Medical programme of post-operative rehabilitation and physical therapy

Advanced sports programme with psychological counselling


The Polyclinic offers services in the area of physical medicine, rehabilitation, sports medicine, diagnostics, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, orthopaedics, dermatology and venerology.

Additional information

The Polyclinic Terme cherishes the cooperation with the leading local and foreign experts and orthopaedic, traumatological and surgeon clinics in Croatia and the world.

It cooperated with local and foreign voluntary health insurance companies, such as Croatia Health Insurance, Med Uniqa, Allianz, Merkur Insurance, Grawe Hrvatska, Vanbreda International, BUPA Insurance, Previnter Insurance, AP Companies (AETNA), International SOS, etc.



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