Polyclinic Smile, Opatija

Polyclinic Smile, Opatija



Contact info

Clinic Smile Opatija

M. Tita 129, HR-51410 Opatija

Telephone: +385 51 561400

Clinic Smile Šapjane

Šapjane 1, HR-51214 Šapjane

Telephone: +385 51 706600

Tool free number: 0800 2077

e-mail address: info@smile.hr

Working hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 08:00 – 15:00

Wednesday 08:00 - 20:00

Saturday 08:00 - 17:00

Contact person

Damir Radulić

Sales and marketing

Telephone: +385 51 561412

Mobile: +385 91 2706605

e-mail: damir@smile.hr

About us

Polyclinic Smile was established in 2011. The team of people lead by doctor Darko Slovša with professionalism, a relationship with patients and excellent equipment positioned Smile as one of the best clinics. Doctor Slovša is the leading implantologist in Croatia with more than 12500 successfully installed implants, which is also confirmed by the title „Master of oral medicine in implantology“ and „Master of Science in implantology and dental surgery“, issued by the International Medical College (IMC), University Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany.

Two clinics (Opatija and Šapjane), more than 40 employed, a great amount of experience, ISO 9001 certificate for oral surgery and implantology, a centre for excellence from international producers Planmeca, Melag and Fotona, all services in one place, the newest generation of devices for excellent diagnostics and guarantee for top quality services.

Business activity

Polyclinic Smile offers all services from the area of dental medicine. Its specialization and orientation is oral surgery and implantology.

Additional information

ISO 9001 for oral surgery and implantology.

The Croatian centre for excellence of some of the leading international producers of dental equipment Planmeca, Melag and Fotona.

Digital stomatology in all phases of diagnostics and therapy, absolute cleanliness and hygiene, guaranteed sterility of equipment, instruments and devices, traceability of processes and quality of sterilization, complete quality and rigorous compliance of the highest standards, stomatology procedures under general anaesthesia and sedation, the use of the most quality applicable solutions, laser technology, bone substitutes enriched with plasma obtained from the blood of the patient. Authorized centre for Bone Management Competence Centre).


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