Kalmar Implant Dentistry, Rijeka

Kalmar Implant Dentistry, Rijeka



Contact info

Ljubljanska cesta 6 , Rijeka

Phone: +385 51 262 363 

E mail: info@kalmardent.com

Working hours

Working day: 8 am - 4 pm

Saturday: 8 am - 2 pm

Contact person

Alida Štokovac, B.Sc.

Director of Operations

Phone: +385 91 178 8001

E mail: info@kalmardent.com

About us

Dental centres Kalmar Implant Dentistry, located in Rijeka and Dramalj, are multidisciplinary health institutions where you can perform all necessary operations in the area of dental medicine, which increases the quality of service and reduces treatment time.

The tradition of dental services has successfully been transferred from father to son ever since 1950.

Today, in their dental centre in Rijeka and Dramalj, the third generation of stomatologists in the Kalmar family gathers an excellent team of experts with long experience in various areas of stomatology. Professional and experienced staff will offer you treatments according to the highest professional standards from the best therapy to an individual approach.

Dental centres Kalmar Implant Dentistry offer services in the area of implantology, surgery, prosthesis, orthodontics, parodontology, child stomatology, digital diagnostics, all in one place. We have our own dental laboratory, which enables a direct communication between the patient, the dental technician and the doctor. We follow the latest trends, and therefore, we can offer a fast and quality service and individual approach to each client.

We use the best and the most contemporary equipment and products by the world famous and certificated manufacturers, while the latest technology enables our doctors a more precise and safer therapy planning, and provides a safer and better service to the patients.

Medical staff is up to date with renowned European and world experts in the area of dental medicine.


Dental centre offers the services of implantology, surgery, prosthesis, orthodontics, parodontology, child stomatology digital diagnosis. We have our own dental laboratories.


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